Mushroom hunting tour

The 3 hours event takes place in the woods near Helsinki (ca. 30 minute drive), in the Luukki or Sipoonkorpi. 

The tour's theme, mushrooms picking, is one of the popular pastimes of Finns. During this tour there is plenty of time to get to know the Finnish forest and it’s treasures: hug trees for inner strength, eat blueberries directly from the twigs and pick mushrooms. Here the visitors can experience the Nordic everyman's rights in practice. 

During the break around a campfire, we smell the fire and hear it’s sounds, enjoy the fresh aroma of the coffee and mushrooms which will get our taste buds going.

Preferred group size is 4-12 people. The 2 hour walking tour in the forest is suited for all ages and fitness levels. 

What to bring: water bottle, gumboots/water proof shoes, outdoor clothing depending on weather. Picking tools; baskets, knives and insect repellent are available for use. 

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