Information about Sieniretki Y (Mushroom tour)

Action was started in 2013. Thousands of customers have experienced the joy of discovery for mushrooms and have taken their share of the national parks of mushrooms. Since 2016 the excursion range has also included wild herbs.

The company is founding members of Sipoonkorpi Nature Entrepreneurs Association, The purpose of the operation is to develop nature-oriented tourism in the Sipoonkorpi National Park.


Hannu Ylönen, mushroom adviser(6675), forest engineer, entrepreneur

The forest is my passion so through the profession as hobbies. Mushrooms have been part of my life for decades and forest berries do not get to be me in peace. The distinctive characteristic of fungi are burned into my memory, and each fungal species, and food preservatives features I have tested first hand. Mushroom dishes taste and vitality I could ...                 

Not a day without food mushroom!